Steel Slatwall Trim

The Steel Trim is used to finish out your Steel Slatwall Panel installation to give it a finished professional look.

Please bear in mind that the trim is only in the colors shown below and is NOT available in all of the Steel Slatwall Panel colors. The steel trim is not required for functionality.

You should order your steel trim at the same time you order your steel slatwall panels to save on freight charges.

There is a $50.00 crate charge for the steel trim if ordered separately.

Trim Type Price Beige
steel_beige_257 steel_beige_257
steel_frosty-white_112 steel_frosty-white_112
steel_black_111 steel_black_111
steel_bright-galvanized_303 steel_bright-galvanized_303
steel_grey_114 steel_grey_114
Clear Anodized steel_grey_114 steel_grey_114
Top Trim
top_trim_tn top_trim
35.00 T-T-90-257 T-T-90-112 T-T-90-111 T-T-90-303 T-T-90-114 T-T-90-800
Bottom Trim
bottom_trim_tn bottom_trim
33.00 B-T-90-257 B-T-90-112 B-T-90-111 B-T-90-303 B-T-90-114 B-T-90-800
End Trim (side)
end_trim_tn end_trim
33.00 T-96-257 T-96-112 T-96-111 T-96-303 T-96-114 T-96-800
90° Outside Trim
90_outside_trim_tn 90_outside_trim
40.00 T-O-90-257 T-O-90-112 T-O-90-111 T-O-90-303 T-O-90-114 T-O-90-800
90° Inside Trim
90_inside_trim_tn 90_inside_trim
31.00 T-I-90-257 T-I-90-112 T-I-90-111 T-I-90-303 T-I-90-114 T-I-90-800
45° Outside Trim
45_outside_trim_tn 45_outside_trim
40.00 T-O-45-257 T-O-45-112 T-O-45-111 T-O-45-303 T-O-45-114 T-O-45-800
45° Inside Trim
45_inside_trim_tn 45_inside_trim
31.00 T-I-45-257 T-I-45-112 T-I-45-111 T-I-45-303 T-I-45-114 T-I-45-800
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