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Steel Slatwall Panel Prices

The Beauty of Slatwall. The Strength of Steel!
When you need strength to display your merchandise with unmatched durability, then you look no further than US's Steel Slatwall. Offerred in a variety of finishes in both vertical and horizontal configurations to meet your merchandizing requirements!

US's Steel slatwall is also a Class "A" fire rated slatwall that meets the stringent requirements of ASTM E-84-91A flame test standards with a rating of 5 for flame spread and 0 for smoke development.

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Steel slatwall is sold by the box. Each box contains enough interlocking steel slatwall slats to cover 32 square feet. You choose between Vertical 4' W x 8' T or Horizontal 8' W x 4' W configurations.
A crating charge of $50.00 applies to any order for metal slatwall. Please order by Web #.
All prices f.o.b.  factory - MI

Standard Colors
Pic Vertical vertical_slatwall
Web #
Horizontal vertical_slatwall
Web #
Color 1-3 4-10 11+
steel_frosty-white_112 P-3-48-112 P-3-96-112 White 316.78 292.42 253.43
steel_black_111 P-3-48-111 P-3-96-111 Black 316.78 292.42 253.43
steel_beige_257 P-3-48-257 P-3-96-257 Beige 316.78 292.42 253.43
steel_grey_114 P-3-48-114 P-3-96-114 Grey 316.78 292.42 253.43
P-3-48-000 P-3-96-000 Unpainted Steel
Raw Steel - Must apply your own finish
316.78 292.42 253.43
steel_bright-galvanized_303 P-3-48-303 P-3-96-303 Galvanized 316.78 292.42 253.43
steel_clear-on-steel_131.jpg P-3-48-131 P-3-96-131 Clear on Steel 316.78 292.42 253.43
Premium Colors
Pic Vertical vertical_slatwall
Web #
Horizontal vertical_slatwall
Web #
Color 1-3 4-10 11+
steel_platinum_500 P-3-48-500 P-3-96-500 Platinum 399.78 369.03 319.83
steel_candy-apple-red_175 P-3-48-175 P-3-96-175 Candy Apple Red 399.78 369.03 319.83
steel_candy-apple-blue_234 P-3-48-234 P-3-96-234 Candy Apple Blue 399.78 369.03 319.83
steel_clear-on-brushed_501 P-3-48-501 P-3-96-501 Clear on brushed 399.78 369.03 319.83
steel_clear-on-swirl_505 P-3-48-505 P-3-96-505 Clear on swirl 399.78 369.03 319.83
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