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Slatwall without metal inserts weigh 90 lbs ea, 110 lbs with Aluminum inserts. Standard slatwall size is: 3" On Center, 4' Tall x 8' W x 3/4" D and the slots run the 8' direction. All of our slatwall is CARB compliant and we PROUDLY only sell slatwall made in the United States.

On Center Dimension

Standard panels are 3" o.c. (center of groove - center of groove)
4", 6", 8" & 12" o.c. Panels are available with upcharges.

It is impossible for one person to unload the slatwall shipment.
You need at least 1 extra person to unload your slatwall.
The truck driver will NOT unload the slatwall.

A Word about Strength

There are many things that affect the strength of slatwall including the load, distance from the wall, and the width of the bracket
(the manufacturer of US Slatwall.com slatwall recommends that you use a bracket that is at least 2 1/2"W).
Slatwall without metal inserts is considered "light duty" and will support approx. 20 lbs from one point.
For heavier loads we recommend slatwall with metal inserts.
Slatwall with metal inserts must be ordered from the factory.  They can NOT be added later.

One cannot support heavy loads that are 10" - 16" from the wall
And one cannot use hang rods with slatwall that does not have metal inserts.
Metal inserts are available on all products.

Materials (Substrates)

MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard has a core density of at least 48 lbs,
130 I . B.(Internal Bonding Strength) and a paint grade surface.


Formaldehyde emissions are rated at 3ppm or less.
This complies withHUD 24 cfr parts 3280 standards for particle board used in manufactured housing.

Fire Rating

Our slatwall products meet a CLASS C fire rating as determined by standard ASTM E-84 twenty-five foot tunnel surface test method. Class A slatwall is available as a special order. To be rated class A, your panel must be a high pressure laminate and must have metal inserts. One may also use metal slatwall.

Panel Orientation and Size

Horizontal 4' W x 8' T
Note: Horizontal is recommended for best looking and easiest installations on most walls.
Panels have half grooves. When stacking, seam is in the middle of the groove. All horizontal slatwall panels are made for stacking and have 1/2 grooves - top & bottom.
Vertical 8' T x 4' W
Vertical panels do not have 1/2 grooves & do not stack.
All sizes and configurations are manufactured to plus or minus 1 / 16".  Panel squareness is to be determined by measuring diagonally from corner to corner.   Standard machine made panels measure 48" x 96" in horizontal with grooves running 96" and 96" x 48" in vertical with grooves running 48"

Metal Inserts

All metal inserts are "mill finish aluminum".
Black inserts are available at an additional cost.
Note: Metal inserts MUST be installed by factory & cannot be added later.