Guide to receive slatwall

If you need advance notice of your slatwall delivery, and you did NOT ask for a call before delivery, contact U S Slatwall. A call before delivery will delay your shipment 1 day - no exceptions.

Slatwall is fragile and is easily damaged. Please follow the following procedure to receive your slatwall. You will need 2 people and a wire cutter to break the steel bands on the pallet.

Break the bands on the pallet.

Inspect each piece as you unload. If something is damaged, you will write on the BOL (the piece of paper the trucker will want you to sign) _#_ damaged and the truck driver will acknowledge by initialing. The driver will leave you a copy of the BOL (Bill Of Lading), which we will want you to fax or email to us.

Even if there is some damage you will still accept the freight.
By signing the BOL, you are stating that your slatwall is "received in good condition except as noted by _____"
Report your damage claim to U S Slatwall as soon as possible after driver leaves.

As long as your damage is notated on the BOL and the driver has initialed, U S Slatwall will be able to have your slatwall replaced, No Hassle, No aggravation to you, FREE replacements.

Installation Instructions

call for slatwall questions 512.260.4141

Installation Hints

Level - all panels before installing.....when installing horizontal panels always level the bottom panel first.

For installation on walls, horizontal panels provide a longer more seamless appearance than vertical slatwall,
because they are installed in pairs with the seam hidden in the channel where the panels are butted together.

Some, but not all slatwall factories put an arrow, or mark on the side or back of the slatwall.
Make sure the arrows or marks are all going in the same direction.
If slots do not line up, flip the adjoining panel 180 degrees. This should resolve most line up problems.

Cut panels face up with a table saw, face down with a skill saw.
Use a sharp blade with at least a 60-80 teeth count.

Slatwall panels may be affixed over existing walls I.E. Drywall or wall paneling or directly to studs in new construction (if local codes permit).

Use 2-inch drywall screws (or larger) installed through the grooves.
For panels with extrusionS, use 2-inch or larger # 6 pan head screws, first drilling a pilot hole through the extrusion.

Use at least 24 evenly spaced screws throughout the panel.
Panel - adhesive may also be applied to the back of the panel for a more secure or permanent installation.