Privacy Policy For US
Updated: April 20, 2011


This is a statement of the information that we collect for US and the policies of how we use any collected information. This Privacy Policy Page includes our Terms by reference.

General Information

We do NOT collect any personally identifiable information other than what is required by any web server in order to provide the requested services. The ip (internet protocol) address is a requirement needed to send the requested information to your accessing device (e.g. your computer), however the ip address is not stored. Your device or computer operating system and the type of web browser that you are using to access this site may also be collected in order to provide the appropriate resources for your veiwing experience as well. This information is also NOT stored.

Personally Identifiable Information

We do not autmatically collect any personally identifiable information. If you choose to contact us or make a request for a quote or for additional information, we will ask for you to provide us with personally indentifiable information in order for us to fulfill your request. All information provided to us will be used to contact you to provide any requests that you make.

Storing Information

If you provide us with any personally identifiable information, this information is stored temporarily in order to process your request to us by the web services. Once the web service processes have completed, this information is immediately deleted and is no longer stored on any of our web servers.

How Use Your Information

WE DO NOT SELL, LEASE, PROVIDE ACCESS TO OR SHARE any information to third parties for promotion, advertising, email campaigns, lead generation or any other purpose except to fulfill any request that you have made to us such as additional requested information, a quote or to fulfill an order that you have made with us.