corner forms slatwall framing system

Slatwall Framing Extrusions

make FREEstanding fixtures & perimeters

Slat-frame is used to assemble 3/4" slatwall. You may make FREEstanding fixtures and displays or perimeter displays. Slat-frame is a two part fastener consisting of slat-frame and FREE included edgecap. ( edge caps come in two sizes 1) 3/4 paint grade & lpL - And 2) slightly larger for hpL - And/or fabric - please specify.

The edge cap is applied to all vertical edges of the substrate; this allows the panel to snap fit in the Slat-frame.
Installation Instructions

Colors: white, black, dove gray, almond
Delivery is 30.00 any size order in continental US
Minimum order 100.00 - 35% restocking fee

Specifications: Extruded industrial grade (tested) plastic, comes in 8' length

slatwall framing system

examples of perimeter applications

$ 30.00 Delivery Charge - Any Size Order (Continental U S Only)
Slat - Frame unit consists of main form and appropriate number of edgecaps
30 Degree
 51.06 ea
45 Degree
45.06 ea
60 Degree
45.67 ea
90 Degree
44.62 ea
120 Degree
44.00 ea
135 Degree
44.24 ea
180 Degree
45.83 ea
Finish End Cap
28.73 ea
Divisional Molding
10.38 ea
Extra Edge Caps
6.47 ea
Edge Caps are INCLUDED FREE - extra available
Inside / Outside Molding
12.83 ea
J Molding
10.14 ea
T Connector
56.23 ea
Y Connector
55.24 ea

Specify edgecaps: small for paint grade & LPLlarge for hpl & fabric