Slatwall in a Flash

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What about freight damage?

If it appears that there might be damage, accept and IMMEDIATELY INSPECT THE SHIPMENT while the trucker is there. Many times damage may appear worse than it actually is. Write on the freight bill that the shipment is damaged and the quantity damaged, have the trucker sign the bill of lading as to the damage. Fax a copy of the marked bill of lading to 1-844-SLATFAX (1-844-752-8329). Call US at 1-844-SLATWALL (1-844-752-8925) and notify US of any freight damage immediately so we may resolve for you.  Upon receipt of your notated freight bill, we will order replacement panels for you.

Note: Your slatwall may still be usable even with minor damage if the damage is localized to a corner or a small - area. If you must trim a piece, use the slightly damaged piece for cuts.


For more questions about freight polices click here.

What is BETTER Black LPL?

Better Black LPL is printed onto a black base, unlike most that are printed onto a white base. This gives Better Black a much more durable visual appearance when accidents happen such as scratches and scuffs. In addition, Better Black has a slight texture similar to thermofused LPL.

How do you guys sell your slatwall so cheap?

US is a virtual-online only store. All of our slatwall is shipped directly to you from the factory or the factory's distribution centers. Because we do not maintain any inventory, a warehouse or personnel to handle the slatwall, our costs much less.


Why don't you take my order over the phone?

This is one of the many ways that helps us keep our costs down and pass them on to you, our customers. In order to ensure that we can give you a fast and accurate quote, we ask that you provide us with the exact items that you want as well as all of your information via our "EZ Quote" (via email) or by fax.

What is the difference between "LPL" and "HPL"?

LPL is a low pressure laminate. LPL is only offered in the colors that we have listed. LPL is printed on paper, then covered with a modified acrylic overcoat without any backing. It is less durable and not as scratch resistant, however is much more affordable.

HPL is a high pressure laminate. HPL is also printed on paper, however has a full protective acrylic coating as well as backer. This adds thickness as well as strength and making it much more scratch resistant. HPL is also available in almost any color that you want.

Why do I need to get a Delivered price quote?

Slatwall is both big and heavy and must be freighted for delivery. Freight becomes a large part of your overall cost. We want you to know EXACTLY how much your order will be.

Some store fixture companies say they are better because they have the slatwall "in stock", is this true?

No! Our slatwall is always in stock, because we ship it directly from the factory or their distribution centers. We don't have money tied up in inventory, nor do we have it shipped to us, before having it shipped to you, adding additional costs.

Do you have a catalog?

We do not offer a print catalog. Everything we sell is on our web store.

Can I pick up slatwall - At the plant?

YES! You may pick up slatwall - At the slatwall plant. There is a $35.00 pick up charge. Please note: If you pick up at the plant, your order is not crated saving you the crate charge. The customer is responsible for any damage created after material is picked up from plant. Please inspect your order before accepting from plant.

Can I pick up racks or other Items at the slatwall plant?

No. The slatwall plant only carries slatwall. All other items and hardware are shipped from different suppliers.

Can you ship my order today?

No. US is a virtual store only. We do not maintain a physical store or location. We do not inventory anything. All products are drop shipped from our various suppliers. Because of the time required to issue purchase orders to our suppliers and the time it takes them to react, we are unable to ship your order today. We will provide you an estimated ship time when your order will ship. Some slatwall could ship the same day.

Can you bill the freight to my ups account?

Your order is shipped direct to you from our vendors. Our vendors do not allow us to charge to our customer's UPS account. All UPS must be prepaid and added to your bill. It will never be more than we have quoted you.

Do you have a showroom?

US is a virtual store. We do not maintain a showroom or stock any inventory.

I don't have a credit card, do you accept checks?

Yes, we can accept certified checks instead of credit cards. Your order will not ship until we receive your check. To overnight a check payment send your check to: Online Merchants
P O Box 270194
Austin, TX 78727

Do you accept purchase orders or credit accounts?

No. US has violently competitive pricing©. In order to keep our pricing low, we only accept credit cards or certified checks. We do not offer credit accounts to anyone.

How accurate are your estimated ship dates?

US uses great care to determine your estimated ship dates. In most cases we are right on time or early. Please remember these ship dates are only estimated not guaranteed. If you let us know your requirements, we will - attempt to help meet your schedule.

What happens if US misses a ship date?

We will not be responsible for any damages caused by your order not arriving on time. Every effort is made to try to be as accurate as possible with your estimated ship date. We work closely with our vendors to try to give you as accurate an estimated ship date as possible, however we do not guarantee delivery dates.

What if have problems with an order?

US is very proud of our record of delivering top quality products to our valued customers, on time and in good condition. In the event of any problems with your order, please contact US at customer service.

Can I pick up at US

NO! US is a virtual store. we do not stock any products in our store. We do not offer pickup facilities at this location.

My order did not arrive complete, what should I do?

Your order may arrive in several boxes and different shipments.  If your order arrives via UPS let us know if it is not complete within a few days. customer service.

How are my slatwall orders packed?

All orders for slatwall - are packed on a custom skid with a bottom piece of cardboard and a top piece of cardboard. Each top & bottom piece of cardboard has a large lip (approx 12") to cover the edges of the slatwall. This cardboard wrapped unit is then strapped to the skid with steel banding. Under each band is a corner protector. Please note: If your shipment arrives and the skid and packing are torn up, inspect the shipment carefully for damage.

Can the trucker call me right before delivery?

NO! If you require advance notice - select the "Call before delivery" option on quote form. This does not cost you any extra money but will delay your order 1 - 2 days.

Does US ship overseas?

We do not ship any material direct to foreign countries, or outside the contiguous U.S. We do ship to the freight forwarder of your choice in the US. Please furnish ship to address of freight forwarder.

Do you drop ship?

YES! US is happy to drop ship to any location you choose. There is no additional charge for this service unless you require a large roll out to your stores.

Do you ship slatwall to a residence?

Yes. We can ship motor freight to a residence but the trucking companies charge $200.00 extra per shipment.

Still have questions or need more information? Contact Us.